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Target Learning App - Hassle free online Tuition for CBSE students in Saudi Arabia

Wondering why your child has a hard time understanding Science and Math tuition lessons?

For the right solution, leave everything to Target Learning App!

Good news is, Target learning App, is extending its online tuition classes for CBSE students living in Saudi Arabia,UAE and Qatar. Now, students following the CBSE curriculum in Saudi Arabia will have easy access to our virtual classes in Science and Maths.

Unlike other learning apps in Saudi Arabia,UAE and Qatar, Target Learning App has a streamlined approach. Everything is well structured ensuring your child gets personalized attention, proper mentoring and accessibility to high quality content through our qualified professionals.

Since the classes are purely online, children can attend classes from the comfort of your home. So no child will get exhausted after school hours, traveling to physical tuition classes when virtual tuition is easily available. Your child will save energy and time to focus more on simplified online learning through Target Learning App.

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Benefits of choosing Target Learning App

What Target Promise

  • Quality Education

    • Taught by qualified and professional technical experts in every subject, we have a team with an experience of 8 -15 years in general. For every doubt you have, we are at your support providing the best CBSE Education in Saudi Arabia.

  • Affordable

    • Comparing other online learning apps in India, Target has been following a well structured teaching method that includes quality and affordability to all.

  • Personalized

    • Every student is valued individually and they will be supported with easy learning through simplified teaching methods and better attention.

  • CBSE support

    • If you are a CBSE student from grade 8- 12th grade, you will enjoy a well guided, quality learning experience through our teaching methods for Maths and Science.

  • Flexible Course Access

    • Whether you are traveling or at home, the classes can be easily attended according to your convenience.

  • Other Courses

    • We also provide crash courses in NEET/JEE/KEAM, repeater courses, and more.

Our Courses

Range of courses we support

8th Standard Tuition
9th Standard Tuition
10th Standard Tuition
11th Standard Tuition
12th Standard Tuition
11th Standard Tuition & NEET/IIT-JEE/KEAM
12th Standard Tuition & NEET/IIT-JEE/KEAM
NEET Crash Course
IIT-JEE/KEAM Crash Course
NEET Repeater Course
IIT-JEE/KEAM Repeater Course

How can we help you more?

1-1 Learning Experience

Through better attention, each student can identify their flaws and strengths and improve themselves in Science and Math subjects.

Group Sessions

You will be going through group sessions for Science and Math classes. Through brainstorming sessions, interact with other fellow mates through Q/A, debates or doubt clearing sessions.

Test Preparation

For every Math and Science Test or exams in CBSE, you will be able to prepare under our guidance easily.

Assistance with homework

You get support in doing your homework in Science and Maths. Through easier examples you will be able to grasp topics easily.

Who should Enroll for the Tuition?

If your child is an 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or a 12th grader CBSE student who finds it difficult to grasp Science and Maths chapters, then this personalized tuition is tailored specially for them. Students who are reappearing can choose the repeater courses in respective departments.

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What Target Promise

Why Digital Tuition?

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